Welcome to Greenville Energy Ltd

From the beautiful countryside of Ardstraw, near Omagh, Co. Tyrone a new company is bringing 21st century technology together with modern agriculture to produce their own self sustaining green energy. Greenville Energy Ltd, operate a state  of the art facility that produces 1000's kW of green electricity every year using Anaerobic Digestion.
The cyclical nature of what we do is extraordinary. At Greenville our ethos has always been to show everyone how to put in place systems that show the true nature of recycling and environmentalism that works. The process begins when cow slurry from the adjacent family farm and local organic food waste are mixed together with micro-organisms and sealed into a large tank known a the digester. This is then heated to around 40 degrees centigrade.  Micro-organisms help accelerate the break down of waste releasing methane gas and creates a solid by-product known as digestate from the undigested material.
The captured Methane is used to fuel two large generators to help us produce our own power throughout the farm. Energy, not used on the farm, is exported to the national grid provide power for local businesses and homes and maintain the systems running costs.

Let Greenville Energy solve your organic waste problems once and for all.