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source: http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/economic-and-environmental-benefits

WRAP's contribution to economic growth

We help businesses and individuals use as little resource as possible, extract the maximum possible value from resources while they are in use and generate as little waste as possible. This ‘resource efficiency’ brings measurable gains to the economy and long term benefits to the environment.

Good for the economy

  • Globally, 30% of the worldwide demand for resources in 2030 could be met through available resource improvements worth up to $3.7 trillion each year
  • Defra research shows UK businesses can save up to £23bn through low cost or no cost improvements in the efficient use of resources
  • WRAP’s work, between 2008 and 2011, generated £2.2 billion of economic benefits to the UK economy
  • Over the next decade, activities from WRAP’s work to date is expected to generate £3 billion in additional sales for the UK recycling and reprocessing sector and help businesses, consumers and the public sector save £18 billion.

Good for our environment

Between 2008-2011 our work prevented:

  • 6.6 million tonnes of greenhouse gasses, which is the equivalent of taking 2.2 million cars off the road for a year, and
  • 12.6 million tonnes of waste, which would fill Wembley Stadium more than 18 times over.
  • With WRAP’s help, since 2002/3, material ending up in landfill has reduced by 36 million tonnes per annum and councils and businesses have been able to avoid around £1 billion in landfill tax

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