food-waste3Our Anaerobic Digestion process takes cow slurry and makes it into electricity. It's a complex process but a simple idea. The same process can deal with a range of organic materials from diary processing by-products to supermarket waste management. With the ever increasing cost of the disposal of waste to landfill the proposal of using AD to dispose of this material becomes unquestionable.

Instead of sending 10's of thousands of tonnes of organic material unnecessarily to landfill we can use this to fuel our AD plant. It's so simple. We can process almost any organic waste into energy, that not only powers our AD complex but also the adjacent dairy farm with excess being sold on to the national grid meaning your organic waste could be powering local industry and creating and maintaining jobs.

Anaerobic Digestion is one of the most ethical, sustainable, environmentally cyclical ways to dispose of organic waste.
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