Greenville Energy Ltd began producing renewable energy from Anaerobic Digestion in April 2012 after several years of research. The company grew from a desire to utilize the waste from the family’s dairy farm, Greenville Dairies, to produce renewable energy to satisfy the farms ever increasing energy usage.
food_wasteThe waste from the farm is co-digested with waste from food manufacturers and food retailers to produce an energy rich natural gas known as biogas. The biogas is then used to fuel generators to produce electricity and heat which is used by the farm to reduce its dependency on energy from fossil fuels. Excess electricity is exported onto the national grid to power local homes and businesses helping to meet the UK targets for renewable energy.
Heat energy produced as a byproduct by the generators is used to provide hot air for the farms drying floor to dry grain and other products further alleviating the farms dependency on fossil fuels. After the waste has passed though the digester system it is then used as an organic fertilizer on the farm to replace inorganic chemical fertilizers further reducing the farms carbon footprint.
The system used by Greenville Energy was developed specifically for the Northern Ireland market and was supplied by Williams Industrial Services, Northern Irelands largest provider of process control, automation, instrumentation and environmental engineering solutions. The system has become a model of best practice for Anaerobic Digestion in Northern Ireland.